Fumio Yasuda A Comporser and Pianist.

Fumio yasuda was born in Tokyo,Japan.
Having begun to learn classical piano in early childhood, Fumio Yasuda studied composition at The Kunitachi College of Music, soon finds hisinterest in improvisation music and performs together with well known improvisers in Japan.
From 1995, he begins his musical collaboration with Japan's most famous photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki.
Yasuda's compositions for Araki's projects in collaboration with sounds and images, series of Arakinema films works are performed and created artistic sensations in various parts in the world such as Vienna, Hamburg, Taipei,and New York.

Fumio Yasuda has released many leaders albums with the Winter & Winter label.
All of bellows are composed by Fumio Yasuda.
The“Kakyoku" is composed and arranged by Fumio Yasuda and with Ernst Reijseger [violoncello] , The European Art Orchestra and a photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki.
The "Accordion Concerto" is featured with Teodoro Anzellotti as a soloist.
The “Piano concerto”castrating Kammerorchester Basel is played by Yasuda (piano).
The "Charmed with Verdi" is the piano-transcriptions after the Verdi's operas.
As arranger and pianist : “The Las Vegas Rhapsody" -including his composition “The Las Vegas Rhapsody prologue" , the Berlin Kabarett, and the popular “bar songs” are with a vocalist, Theo Bleckmann.

German major newspaper, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” appreciated that,'Traditional court music, American jazz & pops, and European classics,which coexist in current Japan, are compounded fertilely and stimulatingly in this work.
The album Kakyoku of the composer and pianist is not less than an encyclopedia of contemporary Japanese music making.
With the first groping piano sounds this music becomes something very special and the tension is kept until the end of the CD'.
'Yasuda is active in performance as 'the most tasteful pianist of the days'
(Kieler Nachrichten), and also he develops his unique music as an international composer.

As Nobuyoshi Araki comments, "Yasuda's music is sometimes sentimental and sometimes almost insane.
It has a way of getting under one's skin and touching both body and soul."